Lisbon – first impression by Joanna Laskowska

Finally, after long preparations, lots of paperwork and four hours of travel by plane I have arrived in Lisbon. It was my dream to come here for Erasmus Exchange, but life is writing its own scenario and I was given Athens. I didn’t give up though and I was allocated Portugal for my Erasmus Practice.

First impression… I think that I was too tired to think in depth about the city, I just enjoyed the atmosphere of this place. I arrived around 18h00 so first thing on the agenda was to get to the metro and meet my new friend, Jenna, who picked me up from metro station Olivais. She and her boyfriend Rui greeted me with delicious tortilla, maybe not very traditional but tasty nonetheless. At midnight (like in the fairytale Cinderella) my old friend from Poland came for me to host me for a few days. My main plan for my first week was to find an apartment. Every day, I was searching through ads on the internet and then arranged the inspections. Something strange that surprised me a lot was that half of the flats looked totally different than on photos… maybe magic. Happily after four days I found exactly what I was looking for, my new place on earth with really nice roommates. I believe that I’m a lucky person, this time also… one of my flatmates is a professional cook (it couldn’t be better, I will come back to Poland a few kilos heavier).

Now I can come back to the beginning… my first day here was Sunday…unfortunately not very sunny but even during the rain Lisbon is a beautiful city, I love the architecture, urban solutions (oh well… my field of study is real estate management so don’t be surprised of my delight). My friends took me to a special place… Mercado da Ribeira. Below you can find a photo.


It was my first time in a place like this, I needed a lot of time to pick food from the menu. When I have plenty of options on the menu, it starts to become mission impossible. Finally, after few laps around the market I choose some traditional sandwiches, one with liver, one with pork cheek and one with beans. Two of them were delicious, in polish I could call them “pyszne”, but I found out that liver is not my favorite food. After all of my exploring, the place that I like the most is a Pink Street, short but so positive, I was there during the day but someday I will visit this place a little bit later just to see how the nightlife looks in Lisbon.


Thankfully the people in Lisbon are very open and kind, there was no one who would refuse to help me… and trust me, I was walking a lot for the last few days when I was searching for a flat, so almost every day I got lost somewhere. Last night my new flatmates wrote me a list of cities that I have to visit during my three months stay here… so Portugal here I come!

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