Unforgettable experience – Berardo Collection Museum

Hola a todos! My name is Agata, I come from Poland and I have just started the internship in the Clube within the Erasmus program.

When arriving at Lisbon, one of the first places you are recommended to visit is Belem. Following the instruction, on my first Sunday in Lisbon I headed to Belem to discover the charms and history of the place.

Visiting Jerónimos Monastery and the Belem area made an impression on me, but the place that enchanted me the most was the Berardo Collection Museum.

The museum is located in the Cultural Centrum of Belém, this monolithic building is situated near the river front and is surrounded by many historical buildings, such as the Tower of Belém and the Museum of Archaeology. The building itself is absolutely entrancing and seems to be like a perfect match for placing the modern art museum.

Centro Cultural de Belém

Centro Cultural de Belém

The Berardo Collection Museum tells the complex story of modern fine arts. The collection covers major movements from surrealism to pop art, hyper-realism, minimalist art to conceptual art, presented in various media.

Andy Warhol Ten-Foot Flowers

Andy Warhol Ten-Foot Flowers

Frankly speaking, I was not expecting such a substantial and robust collection. Everyone can find something for itself. On the one hand you can admire huge names here like Picasso, Warhol, Dali but on the other you are given the unique chance to discover something completely new. Something that will encourage your brain to think, not only about work or last night party but something that can take you to the other level and run your imagination. Therefore, even if you are not a contemporary art fan this museum will turn you into an appreciator, at the very least.

James Turrell "Ocra Blue". Me and my friend "playing" with art :)

James Turrell “Ocra Blue”.
Me and my friend “playing” with art 🙂

At the very end, I found myself studying a Nespresso coffee machine, looking for the name of the artist and wondering what he was trying to say about 21st century consumerism. Then you realise that it is just an ordinary Nespresso coffee machine ;-).

Not only does the Cultural Centrum of Belem host the fabulous museum, but you can also find the bewitching cafe, an urbane restaurant-bar, and the park terrace overlooking the river. And the last, but not least it is FREE, everyday, so no excuses – definitely a place to be!

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