The C3 – curtir, criar, capacitar (enjoy, create, empower)

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The C3 – curtir, criar, capacitar (enjoy, create, empower) is a campaign that aims to contribute to building the C3 – Centro Comunitário da Curraleira (Community Centre of Curraleira) which is the dream of a group of young people from our neighbourhood (click here to learn more).

The C3 – Centro Comunitário da Curraleira is one of the projects of our NGO, Clube Intercultural Europeu (in partnership with: Junta de Freguesia do Beato, Associação de Moradores/as Viver Melhor Beato, ARQCOOP, Santa Casa da Misericórdia, Fundação Aga Khan (Programa KCidade), Grupo informal de jovens, Cemea Rhônes Alpes, Cemea Nord-Pas de Calais) that was approved by the BIP / ZIP Lisbon 2016 programme (programme of the Lisbon City Council) which will finance it with €50,000.

This money however, is not enough to do all the necessary work. The project, in fact, consists in rehabilitating a disused space (located in rua Almirante Sarmento Rodrigues, 2, Lisbon), given to us by the Municipality of Lisbon, where we will build:

  • an activity room for young people and intergenerational initiatives,
  • a sound and multimedia studio,
  • a co-working space,
  • a space for training needs.

So with C3 – curtir, criar, capacitar (enjoy, create, empower) we invite you to contribute to these young people’s cause and thus help to build the Centro Comunitário da Curraleira, allowing participation, training, economic impact, development, value and disclosure of the neighbourhood.

Budget and deadlines

The money that we will raise through your help in this campaign will be used to buy higher quality material in order to build the Sound and Multimedia Studio. The purpose of this Studio is to support young artists, like João and Igor, as well as the already known or the emerging artists from this area, and it will be also the head office of our Web Rádios: Rádio do Clube e Curra FM (whose episodes you can find here).

The purpose of acoustic insulation is to prevent the entry and exit of surrounding noise and the suitability and equal sound distribution in the environment. Examples are masonry walls, concrete, metal plates, laminated glass or the use of double wall systems; non-combustible acoustic foams, mineral linings, perforated wood panels.
All these materials have a considerable cost that varies according to their quality. Thus, this crowdfunding campaign was created in order to acquire higher quality materials, both insulation and acoustic conditioning.

All purchase invoices will be made available to donors.

About Clube Intercultural Europeu

The Clube Intercultural Europeu (CLUBE) is a non-profit association founded in 1998. Its action is focused in the Lisbon region (Portugal), intervening in areas such as youth, education, training and local development. Governed by the values ​​and principles we believe to be pillars of the society (democracy, human rights, solidarity, inter culturality, respect equality and appreciation for differences) from the beginning, the CLUBE has developed directly and/or through partnerships, various activities with children, youth and adults in three main areas of intervention:

  • Local socio-educational projects;
  • European mobility for learning purposes;
  • Initiatives with active education methods.

In November 2014, CLUBE became the entity that manages the socio-educational intervention project Sementes a Crescer, promoted by the Local Council of Beato and financed by the programme Escolhas do Alto Comissariado para as Migrações (Choices of the High Commission for Migrations). Intervening with children and young people in situations of socio-economic vulnerability, this project is based in the neighbourhood of Beato (in which Curraleira is in) and has been serving the needs of the local population for more than 16 years, through a space for the community and technicians who provide support in social, educational, economic, labour and/or training solutions. The Board of the Local Council of Beato has awarded the Club with the Citizenship Institution Prize of 2016.

You can donate here:

Thank you very much!

C3 – Community Centre of Curraleira (Inglês)

The C3 – Centro Comunitário da Curraleira (Community Centre of Curraleira) is a project of Clube Intercultural Europeu approved by the Municipality of Lisbon.

The idea of creating C3 was born thanks to the group of young people of Projeto Sementes a Crescer (Seeds to Grow Project) who saw the needs and desires of the people of our neighbourhood, the BIP 57 (Bairro de Intervenção Prioritaria: neighbourhood that has priority of intervention) and decided to take action.

The C3 – Centro Comunitário da Curraleira has the aim of improving life in the neighbourhood providing the neighbour with an innovative space which could give new opportunity of social and territorial inclusion, a renovated image of the neighbourhood to the city and its own residents and increase its value.

The C3 – Centro Comunitário da Curraleira is going to have:

  • Sound and Multimedia studio
  • Coworking space
  • Youth space
  • Training room

This project has been promoted by the BIP/ZIP programme (2016 edition) of the Municipality of Lisbon but we also need your help to make this project come to life: our crowdfunding campaign has started and we have until the 28th of July to raise the money that will help us to make our dream into reality.

You can donate here:

Thank you very much!

To find out more about the campaign here is all the information.